Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reminder: Check Your Carry Permit Expiration Date

 REMINDER!! Check the expiration date on your Carry Permit!!!  It may be closer than you think!

UPDATE:   I received my new permit in the mail on November the 6th.  A little over a month without the ability to legally carry a firearm on my person.  Pay attention!


So the other day it dawned on me that my carry permit was going to expire soon.  I checked the date, and it had actually expired a week earlier!  Then, because I am working a lot of hours right now, I couldn't make it up to the county probate court to re-apply because I was not getting off before 5pm.  So finally yesterday I get off at a reasonable time, head up to the court house and re-apply.

Georgia has a fairly simple process to get a Georgia Weapons Carry License(GWCL.)  The GWCL is good for 5 years.  Some of the details are dependent on the county in which you live.  Such as in some counties you have to go to the jail to have your prints done.  When I got my current carry permit, I had to go to the probate court, get some paperwork, bring it to the jail to get printed, get more paperwork and bring it BACK to the probate court and finally everything gets put together and sent in.  There was separate fees you had to pay to the probate court and to the jail.  Now my county has a much better system.  I went to the probate court, they reprinted me, took my picture(the Georgia permit now has your photo on it) and filled out a paper all right there.  Paid my money and left, took all of about 15 minutes.  Very painless process.

BUT, the lady told me I could expect a 6 WEEK wait!  Hopefully it will come back before then but if not I could be looking at the end of November before I can legally carry again.  While not as good as having it on you, at least in Georgia you are legal to carry loaded and concealed in your car without a permit.  Luckily the government shutdown is not supposed to affect the state issued gun permit system.  I got my current permit in the mail 12 days after I applied.  That's pretty good.

The moral of the story is, check your expire date on your permit and have it redone a couple of months ahead of time so you do not lose your ability to lawfully carry.  Hope this quick reminder has been helpful.

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  1. Wow thank you. I just looked in my wallet. Not happy about what I found.