Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cool Old Guns 2: H&R 733 .32 S&W Long Revolver

I recently picked up a little H&R .32 S&W Long revolver for practically nothing.  It is a 6 shot nickel revolver, model 733. This model was made from 1961 until 1986. H&Rs don't have the fit and finish of a Smith & Wesson or Colt but it isn't a bad little gun.

This one has some pitting and the nickel is pretty much gone from the cylinder. It is actually in better condition than the first picture I saw of it. 

I could only find 20 rounds for it locally. They are 85 grain hollow points from Hornady loaded by a small local outfit. I decided to go ahead and shoot 14 of them and keep the last 6 until I can pick up some more. 

This is the first six shots:

That's probably about 4 inches or so, and I wasn't trying to be super precise or anything. I was mostly just wanting to make sure it was going to function correctly.

Size comparison for the .32 S&W Long round:
.22 lr, .32 S&W Long, 9mm Luger, .44 mag, .223/5.56x45

Overall it's a pretty cool little old gun. Guns like this are fun to shoot if not useful for much. I wouldn't use it for home defense or concealed carry, but I wouldn't want to be shot by it either. 



  1. Very beautiful pistol. it is interesting to do target shooting from this little pistol. This type of pistol are are ones and found less in any firearm shops or porn shops.

  2. I have a 733 h&rrevolver
    Nickel plated hi shine. Mfg. 1968
    Great condition. Shoots accurate
    Question can this revolver shoot 32 caliber longs? I have been shooting the 32 cal.shorts.

    1. I too have a H&R 733. I bought it new in 1976. Looks perfect. I dont think Ive shot 50 bullets threw it. But I have been shooting shorts too. Will it sho0t longs? Darn the ammo is expensive for this little. THANKS