Friday, July 5, 2013

My tattoos.

I have five tattoos.  They range from crappy to really good.  It took me awhile before I found an artist I really liked that does great work.

Pictures are posted in order that I got them.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

1. Dragon

This was my first tattoo.  I was 18 and just went to a local shop and picked something off the wall.  This tattoo is on my upper left arm.

2. Rattlesnake

Second tattoo.  Saw one similar to this in a tattoo magazine while I was at the shop when my stepdad was getting a coverup done.  This took about 6 hours to do, all in one sitting.  It really needs to be re-done or covered up.  Upper right arm.

3. Tribal Dragon

Third tattoo.  This one a good friend of mine did.  It was either the 2nd or 3rd tattoo he ever done.  Will eventually be covered up by a Space themed half sleeve with stars and planets and aliens and stuff.  Located on lower right leg.  He still does tattoos, and has gotten a lot better.

4. Wizard

Fourth tattoo.  I had this one done in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  My first color tattoo.  I recently had it reworked by my current artist.  It wasn't horrible, but some of the lines didn't line up, and the color wasn't blended very well.  Oddly enough, this is the tattoo that most people say is their favorite of mine.

What it looked like when I got it:


After I had it reworked:

5. Mad Scientist

My favorite by far.  I love this tattoo.  This took 3 sessions.  About 9 hours total, including doing the design.  This design was never on paper, and was a collaboration of two artists.  "Nails" drew the design on my arm with sharpie markers and started the line work, and Wes Lingerfelt did the rest.  Nails was supposed to do some more of the work but when I went back for my second session he was working on a huge backpiece.  This was done at Eternal Expressions in Rome, Georgia.  I completely recommend this shop for anybody wanting to get anything done in the area.  Wes and the guys do good work.  Check out their facebook page here.

I really need some better pictures.

This picture was taken right after the second session, all of the tattoo was done except for some stuff on the sides and at the top.  Really shows the tattoo better:

And just the line work:

All in all, I love my work.  Some of them are pretty crappy but I still like them. Thanks for checking out my ink.  Check me out on facebook at

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